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Monday, 24 February 2014

I always say this at this time of year….

...but training is going really well at the mo. 

  In fact, sticking my neck out, I think I might have finally found the magic formula this winter.

  I went pretty well last year but form was erratic and I seemed to spend lots of time off the bike because I was knackered frequently.  That sort of said to me that I was still over-doing the training despite slashing the volume in half last winter.

  So this winter, I’ve halved it again. I know, slightly scary but I’ve been amazed by the results. I’m starting to think I may be in the genetic group that responds really well to training and don’t actually need to do that much. 

  I took a looong break, hardly doing anything up to xmas apart from some rowing then started cycle training in the new year.  I’ve been averaging just 120 mins of training a week but improvements have been coming regularly and, most importantly, I’m not rundown and knackered half the time!

  I don’t want to ride multi-day stage races or long time trials, I just want to go fast over 10 miles. So I thought to myself, ‘why bother going out doing miles and miles and miles when all I want to do is smash it all out in just 20 mins?’

  So training has basically been 2 x 20 min threshold turbo sessions 3 times a week.  That’s it. I’ve been out on the road the odd time for 90 mins at Z3 but that’s all.  The improvements have been coming steadily, in fact I was able to push the 12 sprocket easily on the turbo for the whole 20 minutes last night instead of the 13 where I've been for a while.

  I wasn’t sure if I was going better until I went round a regular 25 miles route on the MTB a few weeks ago and PB’d it. I did the same the following week. Remarkably, I’m blasting round it quicker than the previous PB set in august last year. That’s very encouraging.

  I’m also making a determined effort to shed the lard this season too and the Wobble Index is significantly reduced for the moobs, hips, belly, bum etc.

  And finally, I’m investing in some slicker equipment this season.  After missing out on going under 21 minutes THREE TIMES in 2013 by less than 6 seconds, I reckon splashing out on the odd ‘marginal gain’ is justifiable.  New slippery frame purchased and I’m currently in the process of sourcing a few other bits to bolt on.

  I’ve got this week off work and am hoping to use it partly as a ‘training camp’ week so I can have a crack at some early season TT’s, and partly as a hardcore week of digging in the allotment! As long as I don’t destroy my back I should be fine…..

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