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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bit of a change of plan required

  At this point in the season, I had hoped…

   …to be hanging up the TT bike and writing a loooong debrief of my bike racing in 2013.

  In particular I was hoping to be celebrating getting under 21 mins on the F11/10 last week but due to lots of acrimony and ‘roadworks’ it got cancelled. Not exactly sure what all the bad feeling was about but basically it seems lots of dim people entered a VTTA organized event who weren’t veterans and were furious not to get a ride. Not rocket science really. However….

  One reason that my season has had to be so short and sweet is that I’ve known for some time that I’d be changing jobs at the start of august, although I’ve not been able to let on about it for obvious reasons. Working my notice now so no problem but, not knowing how busy I’d be in my new job, I didn’t really want to commit to anything frivolous like bike racing for a while.
  Turns out I’ll be getting a very soft start indeed and so training / racing might not yet be over for 2013!

  Thing is, I was sort of ready to pack it in for this season – I was starting to feel tired and my little streak of form was definitely coming to an end.
 With nothing really to lose, I stayed off the bike for 11 days after the 25 on the E2 on the 13th and rested up a bit.  Four days in Paris on a Tour de France pilgrimage was hardly ‘relaxing’ but made for a fab short break!
  Quite pleased with the result of my rest – rode a club 10 last night and although I’d lost that little sharp edge through not riding / racing, my decrepit middle-aged wreck of a body was in full turbo-diesel mode and felt really fresh and strong.

  So that was encouraging. Right then, need a plan…

  I have actually improved my PB for 10 miles slightly this season so that’s an achievement; although it’s not the one I wanted. I think I’m getting really close to my genetic limit and I need the conditions to be spot on to get under 21 mins so the long distance trips to fast courses remain a huge gamble. Not sure I’ll chase this any more this season unless I start really smashing it again.  There are loads of club 10’s locally mid week right up to the end of august to have a bash at if I get the urge.

  Same for 25’s – had a pretty much perfect ride in good conditions a couple of weeks ago and still fell 30 secs short of my PB. Think I need the sort of form I had 5-6 weeks ago to challenge that so might save it until next year.

  But my 50 PB is a different matter.  1 hr 54 mins - That is definitely breakable at the minute so I’m making that my goal for the rest of the summer. Trouble is finding a quick one in the next couple of months…

  Watch this space…

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