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Friday, 30 March 2012

Blimey! Actually enjoyed that!!

First semi-serious TT yesterday.... 

Who ate all the pies?

Er, me by the look of things.... 

Here we go!

Well....  Survived my first bike race of the year.  Best of all......

Right then, racing 2012 here we go!

   A bit later than planned because I’ve been a bit under the weather for the last couple of weeks, but....

2012 TT Bike

  Seeing as my body is working as it should for a change this year....

Haemoglobin-tastic! Cycling like the 'old days' again!

"noun Biochemistry .
the oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells that gives them their red color and serves to
convey oxygen to the tissues: occurs in reduced form (deoxyhemoglobin)  in venous blood and in combination with oxygen (oxyhemoglobin)  in arterial blood. Symbol:  Hb"
 I've been so fed up with my absolutely dreadful cycle racing performances since my 'comeback' in 2009.  Found out in the autumn that I've got deformed red blood cells - megaloblastic anaemia.  The treatment consists of mega doses of certain B vitamins (9 &12), the lack of which causes the red blood cells to form incorrectly.  Since having the full compliment of correct sized / shaped RBC's, I've been able to train and ride like a maniac!  It's great - it's what the pro's must feel like when they take EPO for the first time.  Spend most of my time churning a 46 x 14 on my MTB - I wouldn't have been physically strong enough to do that 6 months ago.  Here's hoping for a slightly more successful season in 2012.
(Originally posted on Captain Cosmic 18/1/2012)